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ambs la littorale
ambs la littorale
ambs la littorale

Compagny  history:  

 in 1988 following an economic pay of didier Carouge and Jacques Quenehen create their own company:mechanical workshop of buire le sec ambs is born.

first they realised studies; prototypes and subcontracting parts.

In second time,they begun the bulding activity.

we are now leader in farm building for storage,life stock

in 1995 the compagny still growing and the first trailer "la littorale"is born. during the next year the range of vehicule is racing withflat bed trailer ,spreader, cattle trailer.

As farmer needs still evoluting in 2007 ambs la littorale strike hard with a completely new trailer"the concept" a monobeam frame trailer in very hight elasticity steel which was awaved by the silver medal at the SIMA innovation  the same line a new spreader and revolutinary cattle trailer have been developped.



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